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AGROSAVA’s success is primarily built on the knowledge and commitment of our employees. As a company, we focus on taking care of our employees and maintaining an environment based on trust and respect for diversity and equal opportunities. We offer our employees attractive conditions and wide opportunities for individual development.

Regular systematic reviews for our employees

AGROSAVA employees are environmentally aware, as evidenced by the implementation of environmental protection measures.

We strive to fulfill our slogan Life in safe hands by reviewing and improving system performance, occupational health and safety protection, environmental protection, ethical business, respect for human rights and gender equality.

We take a lot of care about the health of our employees, so we provide them with a systematic examination once a year, because if we don’t have health, we have nothing.


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An ecological solution for the transportation of employees

We take care to find an adequate solution for every environmental problem, so we provide shared transportation to our employees who travel to work from remote locations in order to reduce environmental pollution.
It is obvious that there are fewer cars in the parking lot, which reduces fuel consumption and emissions. Some of the employees who have the opportunity to travel to work by bicycle come by bicycle, so bicycle parking is also provided.

An ecological solution for employee nutrition

Within the factory circle, AGROSAVA also has its own restaurant. The company we work with is responsible for preparing food and taking care of its quality. Every day between 250 and 300 meals are prepared and served in two shifts.
The restaurant’s menu is adapted to the needs of employees and includes the intake of a certain number of calories and all the nutrients a person needs on a daily basis.
In order to prevent food waste, the exact number of meals and portions is planned a week in advance, and in order to reduce the amount of waste, plastic dishes and utensils are not used.
Waste management from the restaurant is in accordance with the Waste Management Plan and the measures being implemented.

We try to influence and raise environmental awareness by our example every day, and we hope to solve the problem of environmental pollution in the near future.


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