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Since the founding of the AGROSAVA company, we have taken care of the environment and its protection. We are aware of the problem of pollution and we want to use our examples to raise awareness and reach as many people as possible in the future, in order to overcome the high level of pollution of the entire planet.

Examples of good practice in Agrosava regarding environmental protection.

1. Available and renewable energy


In the past two years, AGROSAVA has implemented a solar project that ensures the production of cleaner and greener energy. Renewable energy sources that come directly from the sun have been implemented. By using solar energy, gases and the greenhouse effect are not created, which is more than excellent considering that it does not contribute to global warming. A year of using this energy, the amount of carbon dioxide could be reduced by up to 80%.

Solar panel locations:

AGROSAVE solar panels are located in two locations:

  • The first location of installed solar panels is warehouse M10, and the effects of their application of 540 Kwh are extremely important. Also, they meet the needs of electricity consumption in the production plant, and the surplus of electricity produced is about 30%.
  • The second location is warehouse M20. Inside the warehouse, there is a 650 Kwh set-up system that provides 90% of the electricity needed in the Pet Food Production Plant.

Thanks to the solar system, our factory has the possibility of unlimited use of hot water and air conditioning, and the total consumption of biomass – our own raw materials for heating, in 2021. year was between 500 and 530 tons. The advantage of the panels lies in their longer service life, while their maintenance is almost unnecessary. With this method of heating, we conserve fossil fuels, which are a limited source of energy.


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2. LED factory lights – LED bulbs


AGROSAVA is in 2021. and in 2022. completed the project of replacing fluorescent lighting with LED factory lighting.

There are numerous advantages of LED bulbs. Just some of them are:

  • energy savings up to 75%
  • non-toxicity
  • possibility of recycling
  • lifetime up to 5 times longer than fluorescent lighting
  • improving the visibility of the workspace
  • lower maintenance costs


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3. Good manufacturing practice and technological improvements


  • production and laboratory of agrochemicals
  • production of plastic packaging

In the production and laboratory of agrochemicals
, new solvents with environmentally friendly chemistry are used, while solvents that are no longer usable in analyzes are used for washing dishes.
In order to save the operating time of the apparatus, the conditions under which the analyzes are performed are optimized, and the result is a reduction in the amount of spent solvents and energy.

In the process of producing plastic packaging, technological improvement resulted in a product that is 10 to 50% lighter than the previous one, while the quality remained unchanged.

This procedure achieved the following benefits:

  • energy saving in production
  • reduction of raw material – plastic
  • occurrence of minimal packaging waste

With a lighter product, we managed to reduce the amount of packaging waste generated as a result of the use of agrochemicals.

4. Removal of packaging and other types of waste


We are aware that environmental pollution with different types of waste represents a significant environmental problem.
It is precisely for this reason that we have ensured the sorting of all types of waste at the point of generation with the waste management plan and its consistent implementation. Prepared in this way, the waste is ready for recycling, treatment or disposal.

Packaging and its quality are crucial when it comes to safe delivery and use of the means by proper, triple rinsing after use of the preparation. This ensures the efficiency of each step in the packaging waste remediation process – from collection to treatment.

AGROSAVA has concluded a contract with a sub-operator that collects and cleans the packaging waste of our end users.
In 2021 alone, over 55 tons of packaging waste were collected and disposed of, and our goal is to increase this number in the years to come.


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5. Our green environment


We can boast of a long-standing tradition of planting trees in and outside the factory. Every surface that is not in use is greened.
Over a thousand trees of different species, such as sycamore, linden and acacia, provide our employees and visitors with the feeling of being in a park where they can enjoy the shade of luxurious trees.
We decorated the offices with various plants and thereby increased the level of oxygen in the working space itself and reduced the level of harmful pollutants such as carbon dioxide and formaldehyde.
Greenery and decorative plants, in addition to numerous benefits, refine and beautify the entire internal space of the company.


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