A necessary process for Agrosava’s continuous development strategy is the formulation and introduction into production of new products. For this reason, within Agrosava in the Development sector, there is a Testing and Development Laboratory.

The basic function of the laboratory

In the Testing and Development Laboratory, the following are carried out:

We are dedicated to the introduction of new technologies, innovations and cooperation with scientific institutions.

Employees in the laboratory

Behind every Agrosava product is the research work of technologists and chemical technicians employed in the laboratory.

Laboratory equipment

State-of-the-art equipment allows us to formulate and monitor the quality of our products.

Product formulation

We formulate all types of liquid (EC, SL, SC, OD, EW and ME), granular (SG, WDG) and powdered plant protection products (WP and SP). The research and development laboratory formulates up to 20 new products every year.