The seed production and processing sector consists of two organizational units:


Seed Production Department

Within its activities, this department organizes and controls the production of AS hybrids, as well as the seeds of other agricultural species for the needs of foreign partners.

Selection of agricultural producers, i.e. production plots, is carried out in accordance with strictly defined criteria.

Seed Processing Department

In order to ensure a timely harvest of AS Hibridi seed corn and to process and pack required seed quantities, in 2009 Agrosava built and put into operation the seed center in Simanovci.

The seed center consists of two tehnological units:

  • Seed drying and pre-cleaning plant and
  • Seed processing in the narrower sense of the word, including primary processing, treating and packaging.

Seed drying and processing, in terms of technology and equipment installed, are on the highest level of quality and can meet even the most demanding markets.

We own a double-pass air corn dryer. Its daily drying capacity is 100-120t of raw corn ears, depending on the entry grain moisture content. Apart from corn, seeds of other field crops can be dried in drying chambers as well (sunflower, wheat, barley etc.).

Seed processing in the narrower sense involves a series of technological processes that are intended to preserve the qualitative potential of seeds with minimum waste.

Technological processes are defined separately for each type of seed, based on sample processing on laboratory machines and on agricultural values test results ​​of processed seed samples.

Primary processing is conceptualized as a a simultaneous multi-stage processing, meaning that several technological processes can be independently performed at the same time.

Installed equipment for primary processing is procured from some of the most respected manufacturers (Carter Day, HEID, OLIVER, BÜHLER).

Seed treatment is carried out on so-called batch type pesticide coating machines, which allows rational use of expensive products, a high level of seed coverage and a correct dosage of active ingredients per each kernel.

Seed center is equipped with automatic bagging and pallet stacking lines.

AS hybrid seeds are stored and kept in the high-bay warehouse within Agrosava’s  Distribution Center in Simanovci. Seed stock is regularly monitored and protected from insects and rodents.

Due to a large capacity of seed processing and packaging, Agrosava also provides service seed drying and processing of corn, sunflower and other agricultural species for the needs of foreign partners.


Head of Seed Production and Processing Sector
Milos Milicevic B.Sc.(Agr.)

Chief of Seed Production Department
Dragan Stojkovic M.Sc.(Agr.)

Chief of Seed Processing Department
Momcilo Glumac B.Sc.(Agr.)