Modern technology, capacity and proven quality

Our production is our kitchen

At our factory, we have the ability to produce dry pet food ranging from economical to ultra-premium products, with a capacity of an incredible 12,000 kg/h.

Our factory covers an area of 10,000 m2 and boasts state-of-the-art technology, consisting of:

  • Thermal twin extruder TT3630
  • High intensity preconditioner HIP 1500
  • High capacity oven and dryer
  • Vacuum coater
  • Two chambers for the storage of raw meat with a volume of 275,000 m3 (one at +4 and the other at -24 Celsius)
Where does magical production begin?

Ingredient preparation

Before cooking, the ingredients are:

  1. Carefully measured and dosed in precise quantities
  2. Mixed well, without losing nutritional value and quality during preparation

The automated micro-ingredient dosing system eliminates variations in product quality through automated dosing, thereby guaranteeing recipe integrity.

Leading baking and drying technology

The annual production capacity of our factory is over 90,000 tons of dry food.

Vacuum coater

The integration of lipids (fats) into the product is achieved using a vacuum application system that ensures a better and homogenous distribution throughout the granule.


We have come up with a solution that guarantees the preservation of nutrients over time, thanks to the complete isolation of the granules from the outside world.

This volatile gas dissipates when you open the bag, but it replaces oxygen in the packaged product, avoiding oxidation of the product.

Therefore, the freshness and stability of our products is guaranteed.

Packing capacities:

  1. Large bags (7 kg and more) – 1,000 pieces/h
  2. Small bags (less than 7 kg) – 2,000 pieces/h
Environmental responsibility

We are very proud of the fact that we use renewable energy sources, thermal and solar, in our production process. We have assembled a team of top experts in the desire to make pet food unforgettable. We are pleased to say that we are pushing the boundaries in technology and recipes.