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Agrosava operates laboratories for testing the quality of its products, as well as products at the request of clients.

  • Laboratory for testing agrochemicals


    The laboratory for testing agrochemicals, separated from other units of Agrosava, is located in a newly built and modernly equipped area of 200 m2.

    The basic function of the laboratory

    The laboratory, using modern analytical techniques (HPLC, GLC, PSA, etc.) and test methods (CIPAC; AOAC; SRPS, etc.), controls the quality of Agrosava products. In order for the product to be of appropriate quality, the laboratory monitors all stages of product creation that affect quality. Employees in the laboratory analyze the necessary parameters within the scope of input, process and final control.

    Laboratory equipment

    The laboratory is equipped with modern analytical instruments from the world’s leading manufacturers.

    It has:

    • several liquid (HPLC/DAD; UV/VIS) and gas chromatographs (GC)
    • TOC analyzer
    • granulometer
    • KF titrator
    • FT-IR spectrometer
    • potentiometric titrator
    • viscometer
    • strain gauge
    • a large number of “small” devices for the necessary physical and chemical tests.

    Employees in the laboratory

    Experienced and professional staff work in the laboratory: chemists, physico-chemists and laboratory technicians. They perform analyzes efficiently and economically and report test results in a timely manner.

    What does the laboratory do?

    In addition to physico-chemical analyzes of pesticides, plant protection and nutrition, the laboratory deals with the invention and development of analytical methods for the needs of improving existing ones, as well as developing new formulations.

    For this reason, domestic and foreign clients, who have confidence in our work, use the services of our laboratory. These are, first of all, analyzes of the content of active substances in different products, but also, what we are particularly proud of, analyzes of the coverage of treated seeds, that is, the “seed loading test”.

  • Laboratory for testing seed quality


    Email: and
    Tel: 062/8041336

    The “AGROSAVA” seed quality testing laboratory meets the requirements of the SRPS ISO/IEC 17025 standard, which is confirmed by the accreditation certificate number 01-422.

    Laboratory accreditation

    The laboratory is accredited for the methods of sampling and testing grain, industrial and fodder seeds according to the Rulebook on the quality of seeds of agricultural plants (Scope of accreditation)

    By using the methods defined by the Laws and Regulations of the Republic of Serbia, we received an accreditation certificate. This confirms that our test results are reliable and objective, which gives all our clients confidence in the test results.

    Laboratory staff

    Tests are performed by highly skilled and experienced personnel on modern, calibrated equipment.

    Additional information

    For all information about seed quality testing in our laboratory, you can contact us by phone, e-mail or you can visit us.

    Application for seed testing.

    User complaints form.

  • Laboratory for development and research


    A necessary process for Agrosava’s continuous development strategy is the formulation and introduction into production of new products. For this reason, within Agrosava in the Development sector, there is a Testing and Development Laboratory.

    The basic function of the laboratory

    In the Testing and Development Laboratory, the following are carried out:

    • tasks of development and testing of new formulations
    • improvement of existing products
    • improvement of technological procedures, which are used in the production process
    • improvement of the development of new technological solutions

    We are dedicated to the introduction of new technologies, innovations and cooperation with scientific institutions.

    Employees in the laboratory

    Behind every Agrosava product is the research work of technologists and chemical technicians employed in the laboratory.

    Laboratory equipment

    State-of-the-art equipment allows us to formulate and monitor the quality of our products.

    Product formulation

    We formulate all types of liquid (EC, SL, SC, OD, EW and ME), granular (SG, WDG) and powdered plant protection products (WP and SP). The research and development laboratory formulates up to 20 new products every year.

  • Laboratory for testing the quality of pet food


    Here at AGROSAVA, nothing is more important to us than that our products are safe.

    Healthy food means safe food for dogs and cats.

    Pet owners set high standards when it comes to the foods that “man’s best friends” eat.

    We follow the wishes of owners and pets, which is why the standards of our production are at the highest level.

    Industry leading food safety system

    By applying scientific and technological achievements, we have developed a comprehensive food safety system.

    We constantly monitor and test our raw materials, as well as the production process, environment and finished products.

    Our manufacturing facility follows a comprehensive, industry-leading food safety system, including a HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) program. It is followed by strict but also good manufacturing practices (GMPs) that ensure that our food is made to the highest standards.

    The pet food quality testing laboratory monitors and tests every part of the production process:

    1. pre-production
    2. production
    3. post production

    Laboratory tests

    We follow and guide:

    • 1340 mycotoxin tests on a weekly basis
    • more than 1600 microbiological tests per week
    • 225 tests of oxidative stability of fats and oils on a monthly basis
    • more than 7500 nutritional ingredient tests per month
    • more than 56000 testing of finished products once a month
    • more than 18 hours of annual training for each employee
    • more than 600 safety assessments annually