Research and development of seeds

Semena Psenica

AS hybrids bring varieties and hybrids to your production fields, which are created using modern breeding and selection technology

Such a complex and studious approach to research and development of new products is possible only thanks to wide and successful scientific and technical cooperation with numerous research programs, the most modern analytical laboratories in the world and the winter generation service in South America.

Thanks to the careful selection of locations where we test the latest “genetics” in comparative trials on small production plots, in a large number of randomized repetitions, both in the country and abroad, then STRIP trials and a large number of demonstrative trials throughout Serbia and the region, we are able to choose genotypes that exhibit superior performance in different agro-ecological conditions and levels of agrotechnics.

All our attention is directed towards the creation of seeds that will provide agricultural producers not only with a high-quality crop and high yield, but also with a stable crop in different production conditions.

Our work does not end with the selection of new modern varieties and hybrids, but we try to help producers both with advice and recommendations throughout the production season, as well as with additional analyzes that producers need to facilitate the marketing of agricultural products or their most efficient use on their own farms.

Thanks to the results of agronomic experiments in which we examine the tolerance of varieties and hybrids to plant protection agents, the possibility of earlier or later sowing, sowing density, crop nutrition, etc., and especially thanks to laboratory analyzes of the chemical composition of wheat, corn grains and especially silage of whole corn plants in we are able to additionally help our producers and improve their production as a whole.