AGROSAVA, which has been operating for 33 years, is one of the most important players in the agricultural industry, providing stability and security to its employees.

They stand for quality and long-term business, which is key to success in any field, especially in agriculture. Their passion for this industry and their experience in business enable them to take care of fertile land and bring first-class products to market. Their products are known for their quality and reliability, and their employees are a guarantee of success.

Their story begins back in 1990, and 6 years later they start production in a small plant in Šimanovci. They started with two employees, and today they number over 300, among whom are highly educated experts of various profiles who, with their knowledge, experience and advice, represent a safe support for every agricultural producer.

Within the factory, they also have a seed processing center with a dryer and seed storage with a capacity of 5,000 pallets, a plant for the production of plastic packaging, a printing press, a laboratory, as well as a distribution center for pesticides with an area of 1.6 ha.

Since 2004.

AS hybrids, a breeding company that specializes in the selection and improvement of corn, and since 2016 also in the selection and improvement of wheat, operates within Agrosava.
During this relatively short period, over 60 corn hybrids have been registered, which are being grown on increasingly large areas from France to Iran, besides Serbia. We were the first to register hybrid wheat, making a great leap forward in cereal production.

On January 27 of this year, they celebrated their 33rd birthday and the Saint whose name they have proudly borne for more than three decades – Saint Sava. According to them, more than 300 representatives of this industry attended the celebration last week. The celebration was an ideal opportunity for socializing, having fun and strengthening business ties.

Since 2005, we have introduced the integrated quality system (ISO 9001), environment protection (ISO 14001) and occupational health and safety (ISO 18001).

Since 2014, the seed quality testing laboratory has been accredited in accordance with SRPS ISO/IES 17025:2006 for the methods of sampling and testing seeds of cereals, industrial and fodder plants.

AGROSAVA meets the highest global standards in the production of pesticides, water-soluble fertilizers, foliar nutrients and plastic packaging, in the production and processing of all plant species, as well as in the service provision in the field of formulation, packaging and storage of pesticides.

Agrosava received some of the most prestigious awards: the Golden Gazelle award for 2016 as the fastest growing company in Serbia, the Belgrade Winner award, the Golden AAA Credit Rating, and Environmental Respect Award from DuPont in Wilmington, USA.

The knowledge we possess enables us to make products of superior quality and create the concept of optimal protection, which represents a combination of professional and commercial aspect, excellent products and advice for timely application. Our mission is to be a regional leader, and the only way to achieve it is to help others grow together with us.

The general director, Petar Mirković, shared a few sentences with us:

“We have witnessed great agricultural revolutions that have improved the lives of not so few people while simultaneously changing the habits and ways in which we do our daily work, providing all our farmers with unimagined opportunities. Certainly, on that journey we grew, changed and achieved our goals together, and we will certainly continue to dream big dreams”.